A limited number of new Charter boats are available from CH Marine through the ILCA Entry System and can be booked when completing the event entry.

Please follow the links below to the ILCA Entry System :

2016 KBC Laser Radial Youth World Championship 2016

2016 KBC Laser Radial Men’s World Championship 2016




Used Boat Charters Required

Many overseas competitors who are coming to the Laser Radial Men’s and Youth World Championships (Dun Laoghaire 23 July – 30 July) are looking for lasers to charter. If you are willing to charter your laser, please complete the form below.

Boats should be supplied with hull, spars, foils, and launching trolley. The charter fee range will depend on the condition of the boat, which should ideally be less than 5-6 years old. Possibly €500 - €650 for as new condition, €350 - €450 for good, and €250 - €300 for fair condition.

Competitors are reminded that any arrangement between them and a private owner (Charterer) in the charter of a laser for the Championship is entirely a matter for them and the Charterer. Neither the Royal St George Yacht Club, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company, nor the Laser Radial World Championship Organising Committee can take any responsibility for the condition or performance of the chartered boat or the consequences of any deficiency.

Both Competitors and Charterers are strongly advised to take out an appropriate level of insurance to cover any such risk. It should be noted that this must be additional to the mandatory insurance cover required by the Sailing Instructions and Entry requirements in the Notice of Race.

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